Woman at the dentis

What is restorative dental care?

The aim of restorative dental care is to restore your smile to optimal health and function. At Northern Virginia Dental Associates, we provide high-quality restorative dental care in Springfield, Virginia to restore your smile if it has been damaged by tooth decay or injury. In addition to restoring damaged teeth, we can replace missing teeth to give you a healthy, complete smile once again. Restorative dental care may include treatments such as dental crowns, bridges, fillings, dentures, and more.

Do I need restorative dental care?

Your smile may benefit from restorative dental care if it has been damaged by tooth decay, injury, or tooth loss. Whether you have a small cavity or are missing multiple teeth, our talented dentists are certain to have the solution you need. We are dedicated to meeting all of your family’s dental needs and goals. Dr. Winkler, Dr. Charaipotra, Dr. Coulter, and Dr. Kanli may recommend restorative dental care if:

  • A tooth is damaged by tooth decay
  • Your smile has been damaged by periodontal disease
  • A tooth is infected
  • Your smile has been affected by dental injury or accidents
  • You are missing one or more teeth

We welcome you to contact us today to learn more about restorative dental care. We look forward to improving your smile!