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Do you have your wish list for the holiday season filled out yet? More importantly, is your smile filled out yet? If you have a broken or incomplete smile, now is the time to fulfill your wish of great oral health and contact our amazing team at Northern Virginia Dental Associates today. Our dentists can give you back the smile you’ve dreamed of.

It’s never too late to look into a set of dental prosthetics for the holidays. We can craft for you a set of dentures that will replace one missing tooth or many. Listed below are some of the benefits of dentures:

– Age Defying: Missing teeth causes sunken jaws which can make you look much older. With dentures, you could look younger.

– Flexibility: Dentures can be custom-installed for entire rows of teeth or just a few missing members. These are typically referred to as complete dentures and partial dentures.

– Quality of Life: Dentures can give you back the smile and quality of life that was lacking from missing teeth.

– Comfort: Modern dentures are often considered much more comfortable and form-fitting than options from the past.

– Reliability: Dentures are often very reliable and will hold up under some of the most extreme conditions.

– Durability: Dentures can last many years when properly cleaned and cared for.

Dentures can give you back the smile you’ve been missing. For more information, or to book an appointment with Dr. Neil Charaipotra, please contact our wonderful team today. We can be reached at 703.451.8332, or by stopping by our office in Springfield, Virginia. Come in and get your dentures today!