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I think we all appreciate a bright white smile. It makes a good first impression and says a lot about you. The degree of staining and the primary cause will greatly determine what teeth whitening products or procedures are right for you.

You should always consult your dentist before starting any tooth whitening regimen. Your regular dental checkup includes a cleaning and polishing procedure that removes minor surface stains.

If you are dealing with minor staining issues between dental cleanings you might want to try whitening toothpaste. It’s important to note that the whitening compounds won’t be strong enough to deal with teeth that have moderate to severe staining.

Whitening strips are slightly stronger than whitening toothpaste. They are convenient because you can wear them anywhere. You simply apply the strips to the teeth in your smile for a half hour per day. You should avoid eating and drinking while wearing them

Whitening gels are usually stronger than strips though the whitening treatment needs to be applied at home. You simply pour a small amount into a bleaching tray and inserting it in your mouth for a half hour. Be sure to remove any excess gel from the gums with a cotton swab.

If you’ve tried retail products and you aren’t satisfied with the results or your teeth have moderate to severe staining, then you might want to try our in-office tooth bleaching procedure. The concentrations of our bleaching agents make it the most effective way to get a bright white smile.

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