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Helping your child grow includes helping their smile thrive. From the time they begin to show teeth in their mouth, roughly when they are half a year old, they will need assistance in keeping their smile clean. Brushing their teeth is an important staple in their daily routine to ensure their teeth will grow in and flourish for many years to come.

When choosing which type of toothpaste to use, look for one that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the packaging, or has been recommended or given to them by their pediatrician. Also, make sure their brush head fits comfortably in their mouth. To make sure the brush head stays free of contamination, make sure your child never shares their toothbrush with anyone.

A typical brushing session should only last a few minutes as long as every corner of their mouth is cleaned. For a child under 3, you will only need an amount of toothpaste roughly equivalent to a rice grain. For a child over 3, you will need a pea-sized amount. If the child insists on brushing themselves, help them or supervise them to ensure they are using safe and effective techniques. Some parents allow their child to brush, and then follow up with additional brushing to catch any missed areas.

If you would like Dr. Dr. Neil Charaipotra and our team at Northern Virginia Dental Associates to see your child for an oral exam to keep their teeth healthy and strong, please contact our office in Springfield, Virginia, by calling 703.451.8332. We look forward to helping your child maintain their smile for years to come!