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If you have dental anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide to help ease dental anxiety for our patients to have the best experience possible. Nitrous oxide, which is commonly called laughing gas, is a clear, odorless gas mixed with oxygen which you breathe in through a mask over your nose. Dentists have been using this analgesic sedative for over 150 years now to help their patients feel safe and relaxed. Rest assured that laughing gas is safe to use for most patients, including children, and is carefully monitored by checking blood pressure, heart rate and breathing during its administration.

To help you feel comfortable during your procedure, laughing gas may do the following: after about five minutes of breathing it in you can begin to feel euphoria as your body relaxes. You may experience light-headedness or get the giggles–which is how the nickname came about incidentally. After laughing gas is administered you can expect to feel a tingling sensation in the body, especially in the arms and legs, followed by a feeling of warmth, well-being, euphoria and even floating.

Since laughing gas is not intended to put you to sleep, you will be cognizant of your surroundings and able to respond during the procedure. Since laughing gas is administered by mask, if at any time you feel anything unpleasant you can let us know and we will adjust the nitrous oxide dosage.

At Northern Virginia Dental Associates, we strive to give you the quality care you deserve along with the best possible experience. To learn more about nitrous oxide and to determine if it is right for you, you can contact our Northern Virginia Dental Associates team in Springfield, Virginia at 703.451.8332 today! Our dedicated dentists, Dr. Mark Winkler, Dr. Neil Charaipotra, Dr. Judith Coulter, and Dr. Erol Kanli want to help you have the most positive experience possible!